My plans for Halloween this year


Dec 29, 2017
Battle Ground, WA
Thought I'd share my plans for Halloween early.
I will be taking Sergeant Hei Hei out to walk around the only neighborhood doing Halloween. My plan is to put smiles on the people trick or treating there and the people handing out candy. I will be dressing myself up as a masked ninja kitty while Sergeant will just be wearing a bow around his neck. I recently made a post on facebook in a group page for my town to let those doing Halloween that I will be walking around that neighborhood. Lots of people were excited, even 1 lady who had planned on skipping handing out candy.
I will be carrying hand sanitizer with me for the kids who may want to pet Sergeant. I'm hoping that since I will be outside, I won't get too nauseated from it since I get physically nauseated from the smell of sanitizer. I once nearly passed out from the smell but was okay afterwards when I went outside.

I will be posting photos of our costumes the day before Halloween so you all can see how amazing we look.

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