My Polish hen just won Cutest Pet at the Downtown Farmers' Market!

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    Jul 17, 2010
    This past weekend, our Downtown Farmers' Market, recently resurrected and continuing a 150+ yr history, had a Pet Day, with a Cutest Pet contest, free pet portraits, treats, etc. Now, chickens are BANNED in my city, but I'm working to get this changed. My fiance is running for city council in this October's elections and part of his platform involves an increase in urban agriculture and an overturn of the bylaw banning chickens. So, we thought, why not bring Buttercup and drum up some publicity for the cause?
    We had her picture taken (I'll post it later when I get the original scanned), and the vote was narrowed to 10 finalists, 9 dogs and one chicken [​IMG]
    We just got a phonecall telling us that she won by a LANDSLIDE! We also referred tons of people to BYC and even convinced one urban-dwelling, married mother of 2 to get her little girls a pair of Polish hens <3 Here's a home photo of my sweet, sweet little Polish, Buttercup [​IMG]


    We had her with us for 4 hours, and she was SO good - she let other people, even kids, hold her and pet her, she drank from the doggy bowls placed around the market, and snacked on bugs across the street at the park for lunch. For the last hour, she fell asleep in my arms! Her head just rolled back and flopped, and not even the dogs running around could wake her [​IMG] I'm so proud of her, and I'd definitely recommend a Polish if you're looking for a PET!
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    AWWWW! She's adorable! She deserved to win!

    Just a question: How does she see?
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    Congratulations to Buttercup!! Great chicken PR!!
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    Wow, that's some good lacing on her - Did you get her from a breeder? If not, I'd love to know what hatchery actually has truly buff laced Polish.

    Congrats, btw. [​IMG]
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    I have a BBL similar to her. I'm hoping to get some more, they are marvelous.
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    Quote:LOL not too well! We trimmed her l'il fuzzy muff feathers a tiny bit, but if she's spooked by a loud noise, she still runs headlong into stuff - good thing she has that 'hairbag' attached to her head! [​IMG]
    But she can see well enough to catch bugs and otherwise forage for food [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thanks Illia! I actually got her from a local hobby farm and horse stables. They raise many breeds of pigeons, small livestock, ducks, peacocks, horses, and chickens, just for fun [​IMG] I also got my White Leghorns there, I had to call and beg for a couple more of their birds lol! They're all strong and healthy, and freerange too. They even have Silkies, which, if we get the bylaw changed, I'm buying as a gift for myself [​IMG] The name of the place is Lazee 'G' Ranch, it's on Baseline near the airport (if you know the area). Buttercup's father was HUGE - I've seen roosters before, but Polish are a smaller breed and he was bigger than some standard roos. I wonder how big SHE will get? [​IMG]
    Next year, I'm entering her in every poultry contest I can find. I'm not sure how she'll stack up, but she's pretty to me [​IMG]
    PS the farm also has gold-laced Polish with black crests, just gorgeous birds!
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    That's wonderful! [​IMG]
    Way to go Buttercup! [​IMG]
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    Yay Buttercup!!! [​IMG] and good luck in getting those laws changed, that's a very good thing you are trying to do!

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