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    My 10 month old Polish named Peep has laid a few eggs so far. For the last 3 days she has spent all of her time outside under a tarp I think trying to lay. I check on her through out the day but she won't come out on her own. The last two days I've had to dig her out when it was time to go in the coop. She is eating, drinking, pooping normal and is her normal friendly self. If I call her name where ever she is, she peeps back - hence her name. Is this normal? I don't see that she is straining like she is egg bound, she just doesn't seem to know what she is doing. I know some of my other pullets I would put in the nest box when they first started and would wander around looking for a spot. But this has been going on several days. Just worried about my Peep, she is the sweetest.
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    If this is the site that she has used for laying her eggs, I would guess that she has gone broody. Polish do go broody occassionally.
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    Will they go broody with no eggs in their "nest"?
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    If they are stubborn they will.
    My Silkie has wanted to be a Mom alllllllll winter...but you live in the ice box and I live in the snow we both know that's a no go.
    She would just stay on that box long after I had taken all the eggs and she would complain and complain.
    Now, she's finally getting away with it and she's very pleased.
    She's very I would imagine it can happen to anyone! xD
    She's probably 11 months old right now.

    I don't know what good this may do...
    But if you have a rooster, you could try this...
    My Roo always freaks to tell the girls he found a good spot to lay.
    It was funny when he found a nesting box that the girls had been using for awhile...they were all looking at him like "No way?"
    Maybe if you have a Roo show her? I don't know...
    She sounds like a cute bird.
    Always makes you feel spiffy when they respond to their name and not just "chickie birds!"

    --Also, during the winter, if I would take her out of the nesting box to encourage her to go play with her friends, she would just lay in the same position she was on the floor for hours.--
    Broody protest. Does your Peep seem broody? Is she kinda grumpy and fluffed up?
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