My Polish Top Hats won't Lay


11 Years
Feb 27, 2008
Franklin, NC
I have two top hat hens that I know are at least 6 months old and they have not laid an egg yet. Does anyone know when they should begin? They are in with a bantam cochin which is laying already. I feed laying mash , oyster shells, black sunflower , snacks and plenty of fresh water. Nests are built and waiting. I even put a couple lower just in case they could not get to them. Any help would be appreciated!
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My Polish took forever! I think it was around 7 - 8 months before the first egg. I thought there was something wrong with her but now she is pretty regular.
Thanks so much for all the reply s. I will be patient now, I just wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with them or the way I was taking care of them!
Polish are not a production breed so it takes them longer. My 6 month old is not laying yet, but niether are my 6 month old silkies. Be patient with them. When they do start laying, it won't be regular either. Mine will lay 3-4 in a row and take that many days off and start laying 3-4 again. Sometimes they decide to wait longer. It is just something you have to understand with the more exotic breeds.
I don't know if it is the fact that I live in the north, but my spring and summer chicks never lay an egg until the next spring. But the whole flock stops in Oct or Nov. and doesn't start again until March. They lay pretty regular once they get started and I get 9 to 11 eggs a day from the 11 hens.

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