My poor girl has had so many losses...

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    Feb 10, 2014
    My poor Hen Maxine is currently sitting for her 4th attempt. Shes only 2-3ish years old. About 2 years ago she succesfully on her first attempt, sitting on only 1 egg, hatched her daughter who we still have today and is a perfectly healthy hen. But since then, she has tried again and nothing..shes had terrible luck since.
    Shes been sitting a few weeks now and for the most part Have left her alone to do her thing but today decided to have a look while she was down eating since the eggs should have hatched by now. Appears 3 stopped growing super early on, one died right before hatching as it was fully formed with feathers and all but the inside of the egg was all dried out and the chick was dead :( one of her eggs hatched last week so i was hopeful but it died within 20 mins of hatching. Last summer she hatched 3, all which died within hours of birth. A few months later she was sitting on quite a few, 8-10 and not a single one grew past the very very early stages of development.
    I just dont understand why she has such luck? Is something wrong with her? With our Rooster? The rooster is also the father of the only hen she successfully hatched years ago so i dont feel like its him..should i buy some fertilized eggs for her to hatch? Any opinions would be great. I feel so bad for her...maybe its silly and i know she doesnt really think like that but i keep imagining her being heartbroken and dissapointed each time.

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