My poor girls have a dumb momma!!


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
Just wanted to share with you all a funny situation that I caused yesterday. I went out to the coop/run yesterday morning around 7 and opened the big coop door to let the girls out of the coop into the run. The pop door is on a pulley around the outside of the coop but I usually go inside to just check on things in the coop before I leave for work. Well I checked on the girls, went around to the side and gathered the one egg that was there (I have one hen that usually lays her egg before I leave in the mornings), and left for work. Well of course I had closed back the big door and FORGOT to open the pop door so there the chickens are in the run but can't get back into the coop.

Around 2 pm my son calls me at work and says the chickens are making quite a ruckus and he just wondered why I had them shut out of the coop. He told me they were lined up on the ramp to the pop door and fussing up a storm! That's when I realized I had shut them out by mistake and told him to open the door. He said it was hilarious....they ran in and 2 of them immediately got in each of the 2 nesting boxes while the others paced not so patiently in front waiting for their turn. He said each finished her thing and hopped out and the next took her turn! I can just see 4 little hens strutting around crossing their legs and squawking "I gotta go, I gotta go, ....let me in.....I gotta go!"

I bet they came out and went .....

I sure wish he'd gotten pictures of them lined up on the ramp!!
Oh and not to worry...they had food and water in the run!

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