My poor husband.. lol

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    I do feel sort've bad.. but hey what can I do..

    This week he was working late and added to the supper I made a few times.. He sometimes after working 14 plus hours will eat the supper I made plus cook pork chops, steak whatever he finds..

    So yesterday I made pork chops, and today a big pork shoulder roast.(It was on sale) . He came in the house and was like.. Pork again I've had that 5 days in a row, so sick of pork..

    I didn't have the heart to tell him, that big pork roast was gonna make leftovers for supper at least Monday and Tuesday!! I feel bad, think I can disgues it as chicken or beef... lol

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    LOL [​IMG]
  3. Hahahaaa i get this too!! I just say suck it up, or its your turn to cook!! [​IMG]
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    I have a cross stitch sampler in my kitchen that says:

    Sit down at the table and have a look.
    The first complainer is next meal's cook.
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    Many folk come home to nothing to eat - he should be grateful that you have provided even if it is Pork AGAIN! There are many good things you can do with it! BBQ pork chunks are always scrummy they are good covered in Rhubarb and orange! You can do curry or chinese or do a plain old pie! Mince it up and put it with onion and gravey he will think its Beef!

    Good luck - Use it to stuff large Mushrooms with cheese on the top. Stuffed Marrow, Zuccini with onion and tomato and basil. Why not do a Spag bog or lusania or even do wraps or stuffed pan cakes. Honestly there are many many things you can do with your pork!!!

    If all else fails PIGS will eat unwanted humans!!!!!! lol

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  8. MeatKing

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    Thanks everyone for your replies.. Good to know I'm not the only one in this boat..

    Oesdog, you are so right.. Many people would love to have that problem of pork again..

    Last night I did a chinese vegatable?pork stir fry.. He texted me, what's for supper.. I said stir fry, with onions, mushrooms, carrots, corn, peas, cauliflour, celery and peppers.. Sounds pretty good eh.. I even cooked the veggies his way, witch is barely cooked, I like them almost soggy he says.. So I made it his way.. For him and

    He ate like two bites and made himself a can of chunked ham sandwhich.. :(

    Tonight he gets chicken burgers, after he cooks it :p ..
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    Speaking of pigs eating anything, the police, heer in Canada actually caught a serial killer who was feeding his vitictims to the pigs he owned.. Gross.. It was a few years back, but there were victims for years before he was caught..

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    Cassie , I love the sampler. Will have to make one for my kitchen. MeatKing, at least he knows better than to ask YOU to cook something else for him. If he does it like say 3xin a row, you could wait and ask him since he was going to cook anyway, would he mind cooking some for you too.LOL.

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