My Poor Little Golden Campine

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by mbleily, Jul 28, 2008.

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    Feb 20, 2008
    Sigh! I am so unhappy about my little Checkers (Golden Campine) She is so much smaller than all the others that she is constaintly being stepped on but the big birds. Why do they put these little birds in with the bigger birds in these combo groups? I got her with the Rainbow Layers from Meyers. It was with my SIL. We ordered 50 birds and got two golden campines so we each got one. Hers got picked on so much she had to remove her from the other birds. they had pecked her tail until it had no feathers and was bleeding. She finally put her back but they still pick on her. Mine didn't get picked on that way but always stepped on until now she doesn't mover around quite right. She can get up and walk around but she kind of limps. Her wings stick out funny too. I have picked her up and felt all over her and moved everything and she doesn't seem to have anything broken. But she will not walk around much and is always trying to find a corner to lay in. She has found the roost works pretty good for her so she lays on it most of the time. She is so pretty and I hate seeing her being picked on. She is so much smaller that she doesn't really have a chance except to stay out of the way. I have no other pen to put her in or I would seperate her with another bird to live. But not possible. She has to get tough and live through it.
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    You should make a separate smaller brooder for the two campine chicks and let them grow up for at least a month on their own before introducing them back
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    I agree with Kanchii, although re-introduction might be hard on them too. As for picking while in the flock, apply some pine tar to their back/tails. The other birds will only taste it once.

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