My poor, patient, tortured brothers.

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    My two brothers are very close, as they are only 8 months apart. (Younger one is adopted.) They were headed down to the creek for some 'guy time', (I think they cut up dead frogs or something...) and Elizabeth saw them out the window as they were going out the gate.
    " [​IMG] Oh, NO! I wanna go, too!"
    Elizabeth began racing around frantically, trying to find her shoes, then bolted out the door yelling, "Wait! Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!"
    I was watching the whole scene from the kitchen window. Joshua and Bunji looked at each other, and I swear I could hear them.
    Do we HAVE to let her? [​IMG] But they let her, although somewhat begrudgingly. Poor boys. They're very abused; we make them listen to Barbie musicals and everything. Methinks it's time for Lumpy to have a playdate with another girl... A ladylike tea party or something. [​IMG]
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    Well they should let her come along.
    It sucks being little and not knowing what kind of fun others are having... she'll get tired of the frogs soon enough, once she realizes a kiss wont turn them into a handsome prince, and they'll have their little boy time back again.
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    Now Squishy...dont you remember how much fun we had just having Girl time? No guys allowed? Hmmmmmmm?
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    I just had a flashback to my own childhood. My big brothers were four and six years older than me. They developed ninja skills so they could sneak off without me noticing, and trying to go with them.

    Of course, that's probably who taught Lumpy to build her own unicorn. Brothers!

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    Quote:Not so fast. I, too, grew up around brothers and boys and turned into the worst tomboy ever! I refused to wear a dress except at square dances until I was 22!

    ETA: Of course, I grew up in an era where girls stayed clean and played with dolls while boys could get dirty and put holes in their jeans. Funny how at age 6 I was already resisting rigid gender roles.
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    Younger sisters are good for boys though they may not appreciate it at the time.

    Older sisters on the other hand...
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    Quote:You're probably right. I'll betcha she grows up and starts a Build-A-Bear rival company. [​IMG]
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    Quote:You're probably right. I'll betcha she grows up and starts a Build-A-Bear rival company. [​IMG]

    She's gonna need a lot of dead mice . . .


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