My Poor Silkie Bantam Got Beat Up By My Plymouth Barred Rocks - What To Do? (**WARNING - Graphic Pi

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  1. Allagash

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    Hi Everyone,

    I've had quite a day at my house with my chickens. My story is this: I have 7 birds. Two Barred Rocks, one RI Red, one Sexlink, one Light Brahma, and two black Silkie Bantams. All are hens. The Rocks, Red, and Sexlink I've had since chicks last May. The Brahma and Silkies I picked up over the summer. The Brahma is a couple of years old. The Silkies were born last March.

    For the most part all of my birds have gotten along just fine. A couple of months ago, however I started noticing that one of the Barred Rocks would occasionally peck at one of my Silkies. She would run away and the rock would then leave here alone. It seemed as though the rock were just asserting her position in the flock. No feathers were torn out and no blood was ever shed.

    I recently went away to New Hampshire for three days on vacation and had my father staying at my house to watch the dog and chickens. He's good about collecting eggs, watering, and feeding. Today when I went out to check for eggs and see how the girls were doing, I was mortified when I opened the door to the laying boxes and saw one of my little Silkies necks bare of skin and bloodied! Upon further investigation, I noticed the tail feathers of the RI Red and Sexlink were all missing! All of this happened since I left on Wednesday. Before I left none of my chickens had any feathers missing or blood on them nor had they ever.

    I immediately took the Silkie out of the coop and set her up in the garage in a Rubber Maid bin with wood chips, water, and food. I quarantined the Barred Rocks in a separate enclosure within the run that I had previously made to introduce new chickens to the flock.

    My questions are this:

    1. What should I do to treat the Silkie? She was resting comfortably on the edge of the Rubbermaid bin a few minutes ago when I checked on her in the garage.
    2. Should I give away the Barred Rocks?
    3. Do you think the Rocks are the reason the RI Red and the Sexlink are devoid of feathers on their rumps? There backs appear to be fine.
    4. Should I give away the Silkies as they might be too little to mix with full sized birds?

    I recently ordered 6 Golden Comets from my local Agway store. They should be in around March 21st. The chicken expert there told me that they were very docile birds. I'm hoping he's right as this is no fun....

    My poor Silkie:


    You can see the tail feathers missing on the Red. I couldn't get the Sexlink to cooperate in facing away from me:

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    Is there skin left on that wound? I would treat it with very diluted peroxide (it'll burn chicken skin if its not), or iodide, and then super glue it shut. I had a hen that I had to put back together a few times. Her roo liked to play rough and would scalp her. I burned her with the peroxide not knowing it was too strong. SHe lived through it, but it wouldn't have scared as bad or hurt as much I'm sure. Super glue holds it in place perfectly.

    I don't keep violent chickens. Everyone can live happily if they have enough room, but one grumpy hen makes everyone on edge and angry. I'd give her away or put her in a pot or something. I had Marans like that. Darn things. Evil evil marans. I dont know what their problem was. They just ate everyone.

    My though on the naked butts are maybe:
    too much rooster
    too much nesting (pulling feathers for a nest)
    or a really mean hen who's plucking them.
  3. Allagash

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    Thanks for the reply. It appears as though there is no skin to superglue back together....

    As for the naked butts, there are no roos in the mix. It happened over the course of three days so perhaps it's not mites? I'm no expert, only speculating. How long does it take feathers to fall out if mites make an onset? They have plenty of fresh wood chips in their nesting boxes so I hope they aren't pulling feathers for a nest....
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    I would clean her wound with saline solution and then neosporin ointment (NO caine ingredients in it). If your climate is warm I would keep her in till it heals over - you don't want flies laying maggot eggs in the wound. Chickens seem to have miraculous healing powers when they have been attacked so I do think she will be fine. You have to keep watch to see that the wound doesn't get infected. If she's going back to the flock, then put blukote on her wound, so the others won't see red(blood) and attack her all over again. Sounds like you have at least one bully in the bunch, I noticed you didn't mention the brahma - could she be one of bad girls?
  5. Allagash

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    I'm pretty sure it's not the Brahma as I've never seen her act aggressively towards any birds. I wound up putting quarantining her in my run and spraying Bactine on the wound. It's a topical antiseptic spray that supposedly offers pain relief. I saw nothing with the word "Caine" in the ingredients. She didn't complain when I sprayed it on her. I put her in my quarantined run with food, water, and a makeshift nesting box. I feel as though she's going to be ok....
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    Bactine has a Caine in it, it is called Lidocaine.
  7. Allagash

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    Yikes. Thanks for the heads up. I was looking at the inactive ingredients by mistake....

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