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    I am getting hatching eggs from Bluegrass Seramas, so I am selling all of my pet quality seramas. I don't want to misrepresent them so I wanted to show their pictures and ask what you think I should say in the Craigslist ad. I plan to sell them all. Do you agree that there are none worth keeping?

    All of the adults are "C" class.

    Roo 1

    Roo 2

    Cockerel 1

    Hen 1
    Pullet 1

    Pullet 2
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    May 19, 2009
    I don't think they look bad at all! The last pullet is a bit lankey, but the rest seem decent to me. You can be confident in advertizing them as Serama, and the boys, at least, may do well at a smaller show. The pinched tail of the buff girl tends to breed true, in my experience, but see if the black will hold her head back more; it might bring her wings down.

    ETA: there's been discussion on the SCNA site about size, and it seems that A, B, and C are only guidelines, and there are no size classes at shows. When they are weighed at shows, they are only being evaluated for conformity to the ABA proposed standard. As long as they aren't TOO big (or too small), they're in!
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    Dont get rid of these!!! The standard wieght is at the beginning of the class C range anyway... All these backyard breeders are throwing thoughts at other people that is miss interpretted!!! The smallest breed in the standard is the Dutch Bantam weighing around 19 to 21 oz. As long as your under 19.2 oz. your fine. Look at "Troubadour" 2009 National Champion he weighs about 17.6 oz on good days and 18.2 on bad [​IMG] I would rather breed Class C and B then A and micros. When you get into smaller sizes they dont breed all the time and you loose them to unexplained causes!!! You might get rid of the ones you have to get smaller ones but more than likely no one is going to sell you anything under Class B. because most of is trying to get the sizes back up!

    If i was you I would keep the males pictured and the first female, get rid of the black female and the very last one. I would then buy some smaller hens to breed the males to!

    You can come to my house and look I dont have a class A or micro bird nowhere, heck Ive only got three or four class B's here!! I worry more about type then size.

    You should always breed for type, then color, then size. IMHO
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    Hey Randall!

    I agree with Liz and Tyler.. although I do breed for size, after type.
    I have lots of A class hens that lay well.. and I have some that dont lay as regularly. Some of the hens Im selling are A class proven hens that are laying right now, and at least half of our breeding roos are fertile A class boys. The B hens are more likely to lay better though, if you average it, but I like to breed small birds. Part of the charm of the breed I think.

    The standard says that acceptable weights within a 20% variable either way, so these guys are not too big to show and within acceptable limits.

    The roos dont look too bad at all... I like #2 from these pics tho (better comb/tail). If that cockerel fills out in the chest a bit more, he is going to be nice. The boys have a lot of things going for them. I like the hen except the pinched tail and she could stand to have bigger chest. The pullets might need some help.. esp. the last one. A bit long in the back, but sometimes birds mature better. I think if it were me, I would only take my chances with the black one, if I was keeping one of them. She might add something to your breeding program (like longer thighs) later, but it depends on how many you want to keep and feed and wait to breed until they fill out more.
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    I wouldn't call these birds PQ, personally--they look rather good to me! Like others are saying, it's actually fine for seramas to be a little larger--though the whole A, B, C thing causes a lot of hype, ultimately it's more about how they fit the standard, which does not have those weight classes. Personally, I'd keep at least some of them--most of them are good looking birds and the younger ones are only going to get better from here. I particularly like roo 2 and cockerel 1. The girls are a little less typey but it's hard to tell from just the photos.

    If I was close, I'd take a few of these off your hands. [​IMG]

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