My premature serama chick can't stand on its feet


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Jan 8, 2015
To begin with, I am new to serama chickens few feks ago I decided to to buy 6 Malaysian serama hatching eggs from the internet and only 1 survived to actually hatch. I think is because some of the eggs wore contaminated with bacteria. Anyways on day 23 my chick started to hatch and normally I helped my chicks come out but this time I decided I was going to leve the chick in there so it hatch on its own.SO I left the chick in there and I came after 7-8 hours but there was no progress at all. I then decided to make a little hole in the membrane to make sure there was oxygen coming in the egg and the chick was not suffocating. aFter 12 hours I came back and there was still no progress of the egg hatching so I decided to help it hatch so I broke the shell carefully and and peeled it off but one then it started bleeding so I put back some of the membrane and let it hatch on its own on the next day though still no progres then I peeled the whole membrane and shells the chick had fully absorbed the yolk and it seemed to gave developed but I could see that it was bleeding a bit from the belly so I dried it out and left the chick in the incubator.The bleeding stopped in seconds it just dried off and it stopped but the chick kept of falling on its back and could not stay on its feet :( I tried putting plasters to straighten out its " fingers' but they kept on coming off and oh yeah I gave the chick some sugary water to give it some energy too. Anyways back to the feet problem I just finally too the plasters off I could see the chicks feet wore not straight but I woke up this morning and the feet wore not fully straight but they wore better than yesterday the problem is that I always find the chick on its back and whenever it tries to walk it falls on his back also I think one it can't stretch out one of his feet which suggests to me that can be one of the problem . What do you guys think about the situation I am in ? dO you think I could help my poor chick in any way? why did it take so long for the egg to hatch (24 days) ? Thank you

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Apr 22, 2015
24 days. Check your thermometer. Possibly the temperature was too low and the chick did not develop correctly. Did you turn the eggs by hand or do you have an egg turner? If the eggs were not turned enough that would account for the chick being unable to hatch and might have caused the feet problem. What is the chick sitting on?
A smooth surface makes it harder to stand and can cause splayed feet. Good luck..


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May 20, 2015
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I am having a similar problem. It is day 24, and I assisted this hatch and this hatch only out of 30. All are healthy, except this guy. I assume the temperature fluctuated too much with us taking the other chicks out so many times, so that is why he was unable to get out after zipping. Now he pushed himself out, but is just a clumsy mess. He can't get on his feet. I've tried to tip the incubator to help him and he just rolls over no matter what, kicking his legs out like crazy and chirping. Tomorrow morning I will give him electrolytes (he just hatched late this evening). Other than that, how can I identify the problem? Please let me know how your chick is doing. Thanks.

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