My pullet tried to crow this morning.


May 26, 2019
It has been a stressful time for my pullets this past month. I had 10 chicks at the beginning of August. 5 were barred rock cross with Easter Eggers that were 8 weeks old. 5 were Polish chicks that were 11 weeks old. I thought I had figured out the cockerels and the pullets. The cockerels were separated to a bachelor pad when the 3 Polish started crowing. Then the 3 barred rock mutts were stolen from my back yard. Well I suspected they were boys so no big loss since I can’t have roosters. On Wednesday the 3 Polish cockerels turned 14 weeks so they were processed and are in the freezer. That left me with 4 pullets. 2 Polish and 2 barred rock mutts. The picture is of Petunia (has a single comb) and Lilly (has the pea comb and ear muffs) Well Lilly tried to crow this morning. She is 12 weeks old. I am praying she just misses the boys.
By any chance can you get a better full body photo? If she hasn't started laying, and is trying to crow, than no doubt you have a cockerel. But seeing a better picture may be of help.
Did Lilly have any white on her head as a chick? :)
Here is the one day head shots for Lilly (orange) and Petunia (pink). Also found a side shot of Lilly.

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