My quick throw together cheap hatcher that is 100% effective!!!!


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Jul 29, 2008
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So i had less then 2 hours to figure out what to do with little money and little time. My cousin shows up at my house with 4 eggs who his hen was attacked and killed was sitting on they was on day 16 he had warmed towls and wrapped them in so I rushed to the store grabbed some cheap things and threw this together in little time. I didnt perfect it just did the best I could. So i wanna share this with everyone because it REALLY works.

What I needed.
1 Dollar store styrphone cooler-$2.50
1 roll of duck tape-$3.00
Non slide shelving liner-$1.00
1pack of Sponges-$1.00
25w bulb Pk of 2-$2
(All from the dollar store)

Already had:
Heating Lamp
And digital temp/hydro meter.

I took the Heating lamp apart taking off the metal cover and hanger.
I cut a hole in the side and suck the socket in half way and taping around to cover the hole and half of the socket.

The cooler was not very big so I made a small window by taking a peice of plastic from a kids toy and traced the placed then cut it out with a knief. Thee I tapped it on with duck tape. I took some wire I had and made a floor covering it with the nonslip liner. I then took another peice of wire making a divider from the bulb to keep from making the eggs too hot or burning chicks when hatched and added some Foil to knock off some of the heat.

I made some vent holes in the top. about 4. My temp was running to high like 110. So I started to make some holes on the side to bring down temp. I made a oops and added to many so I began to cover them with duck tape till I reached desired temp and humidity so watch when adding vent holes you may add too many and need to cover them.

I followed some of the steps from miss prissys homemade bator but just did it in a quick time with little money and just threw it together so I wanted to share what I did. Temp holes in it 99.9 and humidity runs from 45-50. When I add a sponge just one sponge runs humidity to 67% all 4 eggies hatched so I plan on using this as my hatcher. I just wanted to share. Here is some pics of it like I said it is not pretty but IT DOES ITS JOB!!



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thats great, good for you, and so glad the chickies all hatched!!


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Jan 31, 2009
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Wow - you are the McGyver of incubators! I'll watch for your post on how to make a space shuttle out of a digital watch, a Nintendo 64 and a weedeater. Best of luck with your hatch!
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Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
LOL, If it had not been for missprissy coming up with her neat way to make bators I would have been lost..LOL I just remember some of the things she had and some that I knew it would take a little more money and time to get so I just got what I could and rigged some stuff crossing my fingers hoping it would work the way I hoped it would. I have had it plugged up for 2 days now getting it ready for the 28th hatch and Its running 99.9 somtimes 100.5 and humidity is about 67% goes down a bit and so. I just thought this would be great to share to show others they can do just as good of a job for a hatcher or cooler without spending so much money or having to buy a seperate incubator for a hatcher.

So my Kudos goes to missprissy for sharing her ideals and letting us BYC'ers in on her awesome plans..LOL...


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Aug 25, 2008
Great resourcefulness, talk about quick thinking! I am in awe- and going to copy that idea big time, if you will allow me! WOW!


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