My Rabbit Shed/Chicken Coop

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    Feb 26, 2011
    I am still working on this, not sure if I will ever be finished, there's always something needing done.

    The main building is my rabbit shed. I plan to have 2 bucks and 4 does. I am building the door today, doing some painting and if time permits putting wire roof on. I am going to add lattice to the wall of the shed and plant vining berries along that wall and also the welded wire of the chicken run. The add on in the background is my chicken coop. I probably built it to high off the ground, the ramp is going to be tricky. The open window can be closed at night and when it's cold or windy. I didn't put wire over it thinking the chickens can roost up there during the day, should I wire it in? I have 3 nest boxes and 3 roosts set 18 inches apart, should that be fine for 8 hens? I will have my wife take pictures of the chickens, not sure what all breeds I have.
    This is the back wall of my rabbit shed, lattice to allow ventilation. I need to do something with the floor, didn't have money for a concrete slab. I'm thinking I'll add pea gravel and dirt and tamp it down.
    I put a piece of OSB in a sliding track so I can open or close the shed off as needed.
    A picture of 2 of my Californians. I'm thinking about cutting a pop door into the rabbit shed. This will let the chickens get in the shade and give them an extra 96 square feet of room, the run is 8x8 the shed is 8x12. Is it safe to allow the chickens in the rabbit shed. I don't have dropping pans for the rabbit cages yet, but do plan on making some.
    If you see anything I need to fix, don't hesitate. Also, if you have any suggestions to improve the set up let me know. I will try to post pictures of the inside of the coop tomorrow.
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