My recycled lumber coop


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Jan 23, 2013
Loris sc
. My wife and I built this from scrap lumber , and recycled pallets . Watered down red latex paint for finish . My kids had a blast painting it. Hey cheap labor is good labor
Very nice, theycallmevern (Vern?) I love to see lumber recycled/upcycled. After dinner this evening, I dragged my husband and son to a home construction site in our neighborhood. Earlier today the workmen told me that I could have whatever I wanted from this one pile of trash lumber. We got 12 2X4's that were 5-8 feet long. Just have to pull some nails out of them and they are good to go. Your watered paint has a nice "old barn" look to it. Love it. Good job. Is that an external roosting bar? Do the girls use it?
It is a roosting bar, and they do . I need to put one inside but haven' t yet . We also cut some linoleum flooring that we can pull out to wash when they make a mess. The back is on hinges to access laying boxes . I will post some more pics . I was pleased with the turn out . Hens are too , I think
Very nice coop!! Love the color. Just a few things. Do you lock them up in the coop at night? With the wire you are using small predators can get in your run and then into the coop if you don't close their pop door. Just trying to save you the heartache later. Also I didn't see a lock on the nesting boxes lid. That's a must. If you have chickens you will have predators. Your chickens really seem to love their new coop. Good luck and enjoy. I now we do.

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