my red orpington rooster finally grown.

ozark hen

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Apr 4, 2007
Mansfield, MO
I have a new mac laptop and really can't figure out how to post pics from it so I had to take the pic from the laptop and post :-( But you can see him. He is magnificent and he is third generation here on farm to finally get the right color.
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You didn't mess up anything, Carrie. There is some weird glitch. When I hit edit on the post, I can see your picture! It's weird. Let me see if I can copy and paste it somehow.

Nope, it only shows when I hit edit on mine, too. Odd.
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I can see my second posting and elevan's posting, no one else's they are blanks like my first one???? I thought it was my new laptop but since I can see two postings it must be BYC? you may not even see this posting :-(
If you click quote you can see the OP's picture.

There is still a bug in the system.

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