My Renji Boy.. D; </3

bird sitter

7 Years
Aug 21, 2012
The great state of Texas!
Well I'm devastated. My 4 month old black-tailed buff japanese bantam cockerel just passed away. His mate and him were locked at the hip and never left each other's sides. I was putting everyone up in the coop for the night and some were being stubborn so i had to chase em' around a little. I shut all other gates to make sure it was a smaller area so i could catch them faster and as i was slowly shutting a gate little renji at the exact timing as the gate shut he put his head in and my heart sank... I knew what happened... It cracked his spinal cord and so on.
Geez every time I read this over i wanna cry >~< Please keep me in your prayers! Thanks God Bless!

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