my rescue chickens


11 Years
May 12, 2008
this weekend i saw an add on craigslist that a guy had some pullets that are within 4 weeks of laying, so i went out to get a couple... i wish i could have taken the whole farm. the poor guys were waaaay over crowded, and they were covered in poo, and sooo underweight. i took two home with me, they are around 18 weeks old, and my 14 week olds outweigh them by about two lbs each. the guy said they are black sex-links, but i think they are just mutts, they are both black, one has black legs and a single comb, and they other has a pea comb like my wyandottes. poor ladies. and the guy didnt feed them anything but cracked corn, thats it. so i hope i can fatten them up a little bit before they try to lay, i am feeding them grower/ finisher and mealworms (which they love). it was sad, cuz they didnt understand that food comes from people until i showed them. one is a biter, but she doesnt bite hard, she's just telling you to watch yourself. they are seperated from my girls until i am satisfied that they are disease-free, but i swear, i wish i could have taken 30 of them. stupid guy. i will post pictures when i get home from work today.


11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
Western Illinois
How sad the chickens are kept that way. Hopefully more chicken lovers will answer the ad and get them in good homes. You did a great thing. Best of luck to you and your new additions. Looking forward to pics.

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