my rescue duck and my other ducks, I'm worried they won't get along..

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Happyflower, Aug 8, 2010.

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    Jun 3, 2009
    This week I am trying to introduce my duck to my other ducks. She has been outside full time in a cage where she and the other ducks can see each other for over a week now. She was outside part days before that.

    My rescue mallard duck is doing so amazingly well, but the problem is trying to get her meshed with the pair of mated 1 1/2 yr. old Rouens I have in my backyard. The male tries to mount her, but my duck falls over and the dumb duck Dewey tries to mate with her upside down and get frustrated either why it doesn't work or the fact she won't flip over. So he keeps trying to grab her neck to control her, but my little rescue struggles to get free which makes the male all the more aggressive with her. She is very panicked.

    It is very traumatic for her and the male won't give up either. When the male finally lives her alone, (either by me chasing him off, or the little duck somehow gets away ) but today she was so in shock she can't walk very well at all and stumbles all over the place. She is fine now, so I think it is stress. It could be the fact the Dewey is a huge rouen and she is still a young adult mallard. It could also be when she was a younger duck and I had her outside for the first time in a new cage, well she flipped over (this has been an ongoing problems since I took her on a few days old) Well her neck was close to one of the holes of the cage and I believe one of the ducks pecked at her neck till it was bleeding. She was very hard to calm down for a few days after that. (this was several months ago)

    So after today's episode, I picked her up and held her close to my chest and stoked her beak and neck to calm her like I used to do when she was a duckling. I couldn't believe she let me hold her like that. She just put her head on my shoulder and relaxed like that for about 15 min. (she has NEVER wanted to held since she turned 1 mo. old, so I was surprised) She was always wanted me near, but didn't want me to touch her. Does anyone have any idea on how best to introduce her to my mated pair or what I can do.
    If I have to, she will become an indoor duck, even though I think she would be happier to be an outside duck or even in the wild.

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