My RIR rooster is an unregistered sex offender

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  1. fisher39

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    Jul 12, 2011
    If he sees any chicken, no matter how young, he'll chase it down and mate with it. I'm not even sure if he knows it's a male or not. I'm in a very tough position here. Here are the facts, the story, and the situation.

    • I have a horrible hawk problem that steals my free range chickens (esp. my bantams--lost 10 of them).
    • I wanted an aggressive rhode island red rooster that would protect the ladies from the hawks, so I bought one hoping he'll be aggressive enough
    • I got my wish.
    • Have only lost one RIR hen since we got him.
    • We let the bantams set on the RIR eggs
    • Now have 16 chicks, between 2 and 3.5 months old.
    • The chicks are in small pens, and they're outgrowing them too fast. They need to be free ranged.
    • I tried letting a few out with the big RIR's, and the big rooster chased one and tried to mate with it. The poor thing was crying like crazy.
    • Tried again, pulled the chick out of the bushes. He chased him/her again, this time almost under a pile of wood. It was crying again like crazy
    • Felt bad, put them all back in their cage.

    And now the dilemma: what the heck do I do? I could pen up the rooster and let the chicks be free ranged with the hens, but that way I risk having a hawk make use of not having an aggressive rooster protector. OR, I just keep them penned up until the rooster chicks are big enough. But that could still be 2+ months. I can't keep them in a small fenced area that long. From my experience, the chickens in cooped up areas get diseases too fast (esp. scaly leg mites around here--I still can't rid them from the bantams, which are cooped up separately).

    So, what do?
  2. five is my dog

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    Jul 4, 2013
    separate him from all hens and all roos and every one! for about 2-4 weeks. it is a long time but it should help. if he goes right back to doing that separate him again. if this fails then you might need to send him to the table or another home.
  3. fisher39

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    Jul 12, 2011
    Thanks for the tip!

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