My roo is very mean

Is he a young rooster? He might mellow with age. I used to have to take a rolled up magazine in my back pocket to defend myself from one of my very large roosters. He would try and sneak up on me sometimes, or even fly right for my face! I would whack him with the paper just to defend myself. I found that roosters are often sensitive to the color red, so I never wore a red t-shirt when doing my chicken chores. Before anyone has a heart attack, it was a paper magazine, and if he flew at me, he got a whack. It never truly hurt him--just warded him off.

They're very dangerous with those spurs.
Some breeds of chickens has very mean roosters, do you know what breed he is? If he's just a "Barnyard Mutt" then he most likely will have a few breeds that could get docile roosters. Otherwise you do need to show him who's boss! Don't hurt him but let him know that you're in charge and he better listen or he will get some punishment! Some things you can do are: If he tries to "herd" you (when he "herds" you he puts down his wing and kind of shuffles towards you) try to grab him and hold him under your arm, while your holding him try to keep his head down. With my mom and I we have a pole by our chicken coop because in the mornings our rooster has high testosterome and our ladies are usually still asleep, so he tries to make us his "ladies" and if he does he get a bop with the pole. I hope that helps some! If you need more help just ask and I will provide you with some more information! Also, a pole might help, it could even be a stick! Keep me updated! Thanks!

Find a replacement. Eat him for dinner. Aggression is a hereditary trait so offspring from him won't be enjoyable either. I grew up on a farm. I probably have a very callous outlook to most but everything had to behave. If not then they became dinner. In decades of raising poultry I have had maybe 5 mean roosters. All types of breeds including the game ones. Oddly the mean ones were always the "docile" heavy breeds. The first sign of aggression was their undoing. There's no room for liberalism in the animal world since not one species adheres to those principals.
Yes we had an aggressive rooster also but the breed is not known for aggression. We ended up having to be rid od him he even tore holes in a cardboard shield we used. We did not raise him we inherited him. His breed is endangered so we hated to do it. Hatching his chicks they show ot also so maybe alot of love will conquer. He almost flogged our 2 year old so he was dangerous. Once a person hater always one.
One of my Rooster always attacks me ,What can i do ?
I've never had an attack rooster. One or two have tried, but it ended right away. I don't want fear, I want respect. Like Dana said, you have to think like a rooster. If one comes running at me, I run at him and make sure that I'm the one who makes him back out of his space. And you get to take his space. If he eats, push him away from the food , water, and girls in your presence.

With all the things they do for their hens, I like to keep them if I can.

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