my rooster attacked me!!!!


8 Years
Aug 23, 2011
sitting on the toilet
a few minutes ago i was going to collect the eggs as soon as i stepped in my black copper maran rooster snuck up on me and flew up and attacked me with his spurs so i went after
him and threw some stuff at him to show him i am boss and he got whipped and my back is scratched up a little bit
I had a BCM roo and he did the same thing to me. He was HUGE! You gotta watch your back at all times now. I carried a rolled up, duct taped magazine in my pocket so I could whack him with it if he got cheeky!
You will probably get lots of good advice for managing this situation on here but personally if a rooster wants to attact me or mine without a real reason for the attact I next determine to find out how good he tastes!!

If you do want to keep him I have some questions. Are you male or female? Are you the primary chicken care taker. Do you have children? Do they or others also take care of the chickens? Are your chickens penned or free ranging? Actually I don't want to know the answers but they are some things to consider when you are making a decision about retraining or other plans. I don't think it is fair to rehome a mean roo. Can you think of a reason yours might have attacked today? I had one attack when I went to the pen with a bucket and shovel to get some dirt for the garden. Another threatened my grandchild who was unintentionally harassing the hens because he was close to the hens and carrying a stick in his hand. That rooster never became a problem, he was doing his job and I made sure the grandkids knew what the roos job was. The first one was a mild problem but neither of these actually attacked and successfully spurred or pecked. The ones who did that were culled.
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If you have younger brothers and sisters you really need to keep them away from the rooster. I have had roosters that never gave my husband problems but would attack me although I was the one that took care of the chickens. I hope he got the message and doesn't try it again. Good luck and if it doesn't work out with him there are a lot of nice roos in the world. Maybe someone else can give you some more ideas.

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