My Rooster Crowed!!!! Do I have more? what do ya think...


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Someone out there will appreciate this...My chickens are now 11 1/2 weeks and I was just outside with them when my rooster crowed from inside the coop - I peeked in and he was proudly sitting on the highest roost - I told him how proud I was to hear that and asked to hear him again and he DID!! Right in front of me and very good tone I might add.

So my question is I have 15 chickens all mixed - I have three each:
Buff Orpington
Production Red
Cali White - 1 of thes is the rooster.

All are 11 1/2 weeks old and none of the other chickens look like the rooster - a very big comb and very big waddle - When my Cali White rooster crows will others try to up his call or answer him if there are any other roosters? Or would you say I have 1 rooster and 14 hens?

The different breeds are throwing me off - I am a first time chicken owner so I'm wondering what you think.

I dont' know the answer. I had a cornish rock rooster at 2 months old start crowing. His tone was good, just not perfect on the melody. He almost got it right before butcher day. Kind of interesting.
Ok - I have a few suspensions with some of the chickens - I'm hoping for the 14 hens...but he is the smallest of all the chickens but definitely acts in control of the flock - thanks!
my chicks are the same age and it sounded like someone was trying to kill someone. Then another one sounded like it was whispering a crow very cool only I did not want that many roos

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