My Rooster got pecked..BAD!! help!

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    Jun 19, 2008
    Hello all... During our cold snap here in Illinois.. i went out to the coop and found that my roo had been pecked to heck all around his neck.. Bleeding bad. I separated him from his hens..(darn those hens!!) and put him in my daughter's playhouse w food and water.. not eating much though.. Wondering if he'll heal or what i should do!? Not an easy roo to catch and get ahold of either.. should i wait and see or plan on having him for dinner soon?
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    Jan 1, 2009
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    I had one hen do this to another hen. I separated her put aloe on the wounds and kept her quiet in a box with food and water for a few days. She returned fine and all the feathers grew back.
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    how bad is bad? is he worth it? does he do his job? short of spending $ on a vet, i'd do bout anything to keep a good roo, even the few that dont like to be touched lol.
    is it he doesnt like being touched,, or jus plain mean?
    i'd wait till night if i HAD to,, and put a towel over him, wrap him up, clean the wounds, and get a good look, , and he will have to be separated from the others till he heals. is he still bleeding?, if so, throw some corn starch,, or flour, or bloodstop,, to get it to stop.
  4. What breed is your roo please. Is he an ornamental ?

    Polish roos sometimes have a real problem with the hens.

    If they are timit or feeling bad they WILL get it.
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    Where is the bleeding coming from? Are there actual open wounds on his neck or is he bleeding because the hens picked out his feathers? Sometimes a bird will bleed after their feathers have been pulled.

    In either case, try to clean off as much of the blood as you can using warm soapy water. Then you can apply an antiseptic like Neosporin to the wounded area. Be sure to keep him in a very clean environment, as you don't want any dirt to get in the open wound. The areas on his neck should start to scab over and heal up within a week or two. Separating him will help to prevent further damage to the wound.

    A product that I used on all my animals is called Furazone. You can find it in the equine section of most feed stores. This antiseptic has worked wonders. In warmer weather, it also repels the flies. You can buy it for about six or seven dollars and it seems to last forever. It is a bright yellow color and is great to have on hand for any emergency.
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    Jun 19, 2008
    Thanks All!!... No..He's not a fancy breed or anything.. I just really like my Roo's! I'll catch him this evening and clean him up.. put some good stuff on him.
    THanks Again.. what a great site this is.[​IMG][​IMG]

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