My Rooster Has A Golf Ball Sized Swelling On His Neck


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May 3, 2008
Hello, My pet rooster has developed a large swelling on his neck the size of a golf ball. I can't tell if something bit him or if another rooster bit his neck through the cage. He is in a seperate pen alone. It looks very serious and I just noticed it today. He is very fluffy but I know he didn't look that swollen yesterday. I bought some antibiotic for his water and I have been poking it with a steralized pin as instructed by a feed store owner and then trying to compress it with a warm towel with peroxide. I can't perform surgery on him and there are no bird type vets around here. I am concerned that he will die and any suggestions?? He is crowning and even tried to run away from me. I have isolated him inside and he is drinking and his appetite seems okay, though he is making a funny girgling sound!!

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Please try to post pics if you can.

He may need an anti-inflammatory.

Is the skin actually broken anywhere - any blood?

Hi, well the blood seems to be around where the feather quills go in and there was some green stuff which I though obviously indicated infection. Also, when I used the sterile needle to poke it, it bled and I would sqeeze it with a warm peroxide towel, but no not lots of blood. I put neosporin on it. It feels kind of soft but firm, not hard. As though it were filled with fluid. I can try to do a pic, but I need my camera and someone has it right now. It's very ugly, but he seems okay otherwise.
Speckledhen was right on the money the last time she thought a hen has ingrown feathers. I would ask her what she suggests to treat it.
Poor fellow.

Please post here what antibiotic you have him on (and how much and who recommended) so folks can best advise whether it's the most effective choice.
If at all possible, try to have him see a vet who could probably deal with this pretty quickly, OR, if you can't do that, e-mail your photo and all info to some avian vets (perhaps at university hospitals such as the avian folks at University fo PA), and ask that they please look at it and advise you as to best course to clear up the problem. Call them to let them know you sent e-mail and would greatly appreciate their speedy look-see.
You can also try reaching Peter Brown at First State Vet Supply. E-mail/call - he is a very kind person in terms of helping our birds - send a photo and verbal description.
Is your boy still eating and drinking okay? Poop normal? Is he alert/active? Are his eyes bright? Is he doing any preening and other normal stuff? Is he still puffed up (puffed up says to me that he dioes not feel good and that infection may be systemic and a great danger to him, requiring speedy resolution).
Please keep us posted.
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