My rooster is bleeding!


Dec 28, 2015
Hi, we live in Campbellcroft Ontario and we are new to the backyard forum and the backyard chicken craze. I have 12 red sex link hens and one red sex rooster (roger) that we purchased in May .
A couple of months ago we think Roger was hit by a car, he lost most of his tail feathers and was in pretty bad shape for a couple of weeks (could hard move one leg and hip) but he recovered.
His tail feathers never really grew back in and last week i noticed that his *** end was looking pretty bare. Today i noticed blood on the ground in the yard and saw that his chest is also pretty bare of feathers, not sure what is going on with him.
What should I do? Could the hens be pecking at him? How do I stop it?


6 Years
Aug 29, 2014
Panama City, FL
Have you been able to pick him up to check him over? If you are unable to catch him, the best time to do this would be at night when he is roosting. They are like zombies after they have been asleep for a bit...

It is very possible that the other hens are picking on him, especially if there is already an open wound. I don't know why but chickens are blood crazy and will keep pecking at it to the point where they have been known to disembowel a chicken. There is a spray called Bluekote that you can get at most feed stores or even Amazon. It's a disinfectant but also it discourages other chickens from pecking. This has always worked for me...

If possible, it would be a good idea to separate him, at least until whatever wounds he has are healed.

As to what is causing the feather; could be mites, could be a hard molt, could be stress and he is plucking his own feathers. If you can post some pictures, it would help to figure out what is going on...

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