My Rooster is loosing feathers

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    Roody the Roo, 10 months old, Never really outgrew his "down" feathers. A couple ,months ago I thought his feathers were filling in, and now, he has lost all of his neck feathers, tips of wings feathers and most of his tail feathers. He has never been able to fly. He sleeps in a nest on the ground. We are having a brutally cold winter. He now has frostbite on his crown, so I brought him in. No mites. All the girls are fine. Could he be molting (all his life?) Thank you![​IMG]
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    Feb 29, 2012
    Might want to spy on the girls....I once had a hen that loved nothing more than to pluck the other chickens. She was in a pen of Ameraucanas that I was keeping separated from the flock, and I could never figure out why she was the only one that had a full beard/muffs. I spied on her one day and found her plucking feathers! Needless to say, she got put into a cage by herself, and the feathers grew back. Most chickens won't go through their first molt before 10 months old, depends on the breed/ stress level/nutrition too though.
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    We have two roosters with missing neck feathers, separate pens, but I've watched them just standing still letting the hens pull feathers from the front of their necks. Our hens are on good feed so I'm thinking that it's just a hen/rooster thing.
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