My Rooster is not allowing the hens in the coop


May 7, 2021
Cordova Alabama
Henry my best behaved always bragged on Barred rock rooster he is only 9 months old .He had a brother that was mean as a snake which we rehomed on a farm.Well Henry had 2 ladies one passed. Meanwhile they are being raised by my newbies a flock of 7 pullets and one silkie cockerel.When they were 12 weeks old they were introduced into Henry & Loiusa land to live altogether. So..Henry & Louisa have always entered the coop first at night.Then I watch as everyone has established a pecking order in the past month on whom enters and when.Well it went excellent! NOW I have watched the past few nights my pullets are all running back out after they attempt to enter! I sat beside the coop quietly last night to watch as they entered to see what the problem is ...When they enter to try and go to their roost where they were all sleeping together (pullets ) Now Henry has decided to attack each pullet as they go to roost so they keep running out until it's dark completely then enter.I now see my 2 white silkies are sleeping on the floor by the window.Anyhow it made me actually take a golf club & keep knocking him. Back to try to roost the 2 girls.He never tries to harm me but by the time I got back in the house I can see the 2 silkies on the floor in front of the window again.He eats from my hand.He follows us like a dog.He has been so fun and good at protecting. Any ideas what has flipped ? And any suggestions? I really hate to rehome him .But ...I'm still learning. Is it possible they're still working on their order? I'm not sure what to do with this guy.I dont want him disrupting all my hens that are getting ready to lay.He never attacks my silkie roo ever he allows him to come in and perch and Zoomie is a very small roo.I dont understand .


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