my rooster is nuts!

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  1. just had to share this - went to the coop this morning to check on water, food, eggs, frozen poop, etc.
    as i do several times a week when the chicks are "cooped up" because of the cold, i hung a cabbage up from a chain in the coop for them to play with & eat durring the day.
    well, my rooster, a lakenvelder named "magellin", has seen the hanging cabbage many times before and knows it is just a cabbage, not a little green monster, but for some reason this morning, he decided it was a threat and began attacking it. he kept jumping at it, ripping it up with his feet, yelling at it, circleing it, etc.
    had me laughing out loud.
    not the brightest crayon in the box, that boy.

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