My rooster, Marbles is leaving our barn story about what he did today

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Nov 2, 2010
Alright, we got a chicken, Marbles which we were hoping would be a hen. It was a boy, rooster.. but Marbles is mentally challenged so he didn't crow, and was nice for about 6 months. Until this past time.
Well, I'll tell you what happened today and why we're getting rid of him.
We have three show bantams, a Japaneese, and two Dutch. A BLue Light Brown Dutch Carmin was outside, then all of a sudden a 10 pound rooster starts trying to mate with this little girl and was squishing her to death, so I ran out there while hurting myself (I slipped ._.) and cuddled the terrified Carmin. But here's the worst part-

Now our polish Daisy was getting intensly mated by Marbles, so my twin ran out there and cuddled her since she was getting squished too. But, after he cuddled Daisy, Marbles got fed up with Brandon (my twin's name) or something, and attacked him while he was running aroudn the yard, and I screamed in horror than ran out there, and happily Marbles was having his little victoruy, while my brother ran inside hurt..
So, my Mom and Dad got mad so we're getting rid of Marbles. He'll be at a different farm in a couple days. Anyone else have mean roosters? Lol
It doesnt sound like he was being mean, more of what roosters naturally do. Some are more aggressive than others but if your hens are too small for him maybe it is for the best he find a new home. As for chasing your brother, they do that too. My rooster tries to assert himself to me from time to time but he knows Im the boss, anyone else gets chased away from his ladies. Its just his instinct. Dont be too upset, hopefully he finds a nice home with some nice hens of his own.
Thanks, and yeha. We can visit him whenever we want to- it'll just be down the road!

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