my rooster named baby

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  1. silershyla1

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    Nov 13, 2015
    My rooster is about year old. His left foot i noticed he is having hard time walking. So i put wrap around it and checked for cuts or anything out of the ordinary. I found nothing but his left foot is a little bigger than the right one but its always been like that. But this last couple days it seems he can't walk as well as they used to it's as if his legs going a sideways. He eats drinks fine but it seems as if he's not gaining weight can someone give me some input on that please
  2. Hens rule

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    Jan 28, 2015
    How old is he?
    Is his foot a pinkish color compared to the other foot or do you see a black dot on the bottom of his foot? I'm thinking he may have a splinter since his foot is bigger than the other, even if it's always been that way he may have gotten a splinter in his foot and until now it's swelling and could be infected.

    Can you show a picture of his foot?

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