My rooster reminds me of my husband


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Aug 30, 2009
Mt Repose, OH
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My Coop
Little man Jibbers may turn out to be the best rooster I've ever had.

He's sweet to his girls, feeds them before he eats (like when my husband makes omlettes, he gives me the first one). He makes them nesting sites, but not always the one they would choose for themselves (I totally understand the sentiment though, from personal experience)

He's not a loud mouth, doesn't get himself into trouble. You could "take him out in public" without any embarrassment.

He's "adopted" the young pullet, that's not his, and who's like 3 months old anyways. She's a baby, even though she doesn't need to be. Like my husband's built in baby-sitter thing... we'll go over to someone's house, and he like, plays with their kids or helps the kids or whichever. Jibbers will play fight with the pullet when she asks him to, if she's crying for her mom (who could care less) he goes and checks on her, and feeds her stuff too.

He runs to greet me when I return from cleaning the water bowl, talking up a storm... as if he's telling me what happened while I was gone. He literally runs too, sometimes adding a short flight, like he just can't wait. And I wasn't even gone a full 5 minutes. (just like when my husband or I have been gone for several weeks)

I cut my husband's hair, and I pick the feather casings off my Roo's head where he can't reach them. Both of them fall asleep during this.

Can't walk to the far side of the house (human or chicken) without one or the other following me!

They both know the sound of opening food containers.

They both tolerate my dogs.

And they're both good looking fellas!
What a perfect comparison! How sweet it is to have a nice pair of "roos" at home!

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