My Rooster/s are Making "Hen" noises

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by ChooksinChoppers, Jul 8, 2011.

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    It just started today....the Silky Roo has been crowing for weeks now and the other 1 or 2 Cochins (I cant tell if one is or isnt a roo) have been "trying" to crow....So anyways twice now today I have to go see what 's up with my stealth garage chickens as I have a ruckus going on in there. Saw/ heard both roosters and all 3 hens walking around in a calm manner and making bock bock bock bock Bwark! (egg song???) not laying yet though...maybe next month for the silkies.
    so maybe a silly newbie question [​IMG] I thought roosters only crowed [​IMG]
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    Oh, no! Roosters have a wide range of vocalizations! The "Egg Song" is the same as the "Something IS VERY WRONG!" song, just sung differently, and the roosters will sing it. They often join in the Egg Song Chorus, too, changing the song just slightly enough to be for the Congratulations On Laying The Best Egg Ever song.

    Then there's the "Alert!" sound, which makes all the flock members freeze. And the "Danger, HIDE!" sound, which makes everybody scatter for cover.

    My roosters also practice the "Ladies, have I got something NICE here for you!" sounds, which are very coaxing and chattery sounding. It brings the girls closer so the rooster can #1 - share treats, #2 - get close enough to jump 'em for some morning/afternoon/evening delight, and #3 - treat a favored hen with something really special. (Not quite the same as #1, and that particular call is just a little bit more romantic.)

    While my hens may ask "Bok?" the roosters generally ask "Berk?"

    Oh, and then there is the VERY startling rooster growl! The first time I heard it, I could hardly believe that came from a chicken!

    Crowing is just the roosters' specialty.
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    Don't forget the nest building cluck-clucks from the hens pre-lay, or from a rooster trying to point out a spot to lay. And the broody hen shriek.

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