My rooster, the turkey!

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    Hello everyone!
    I thought I would just share my story. It started terribly, but ended up well!

    My rooster, Walnut, was attacked by a coyote early . He was badly wounded, but not killed, thanks to our trusty Great Pyr, Luther. I was out early and followed the trail of feathers expecting the worst, but was surprised to actually come upon my motionless and hurt little roo. I thought he was dead, but when I nudged him he moved. Oh my, he was in bad shape. His neck was broken and black with bruising and his left shoulder was ripped open and his feathers were gone.
    I scooped him up gingerly and brought him in the house where I warmed him and washed his wounds with warm hydrogen peroxide and wrapped him in a towel. I propped him up in a tupperware and let him rest for a couple hours. I checked on him often and tried to get him to drink a little water. I was sure he was dehydrated, but didn't try to feed him just then.
    He did drink when I held his head in the tiny cup of water. He would drink and then it would come up again tinged with lots of blood.
    This went on for a day or so and my husband really thought he wasn't going to make it. I kept the faith, though, and kept helping him drink. The third day his little neck was so twisted and black that I feared he had damage to his crop or esophagus or trachea, but that little roo kept on living! The fourth day he made a couple clucking noises and gratefully accepted some food too. I mashed him up some turkey food for extra protein and mixed it with a little pumpkin. This went on for a few more days until on the sixth day he actually could stand a little. He did a lot of laying around, but was accepting food ravenously. By this time the bruising in his neck was starting to turn green and yellow (re-absorption) and I gave him a little dog food, which he always liked!
    His strength came back slowly and he managed to walk, stand, drink, and eat on his own after about two weeks. One lovely day I put him in the extra coop and believe it or not, he jumped to the roost that night. I kept him locked in just the coop for a few days, but on the weekend gave him over to the run as well. He was living outside during the day and roosting in the coop at night, He was back!
    Well, around this time our turkey poults were turned out onto pasture and wouldn't you know, Walny joined them. He escaped through the fence of his run and went to live with the turkeys. Now it's been a couple months and the turkeys are huge, but have happily allowed Walnut to coexist with them. They don't beat him up like the other chickens and he gets the protection of them in the daytime. He still returns home to his coop to sleep at night, but every morning I open his door and out he goes with the turkeys~ he is loved and accepted and important as the littlest turkey.
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    That is so cool.
    I am glad he made it.
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    Good story.
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    Yay for Walnut! Good story with a happy ending. You did a really good job of nursing him.
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    Awesome. Thanks.

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