my rooster tore the skin off my hen

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    Hello. My rooster has torn a giant flap of skin on my hen. It is on her back and down her side. I wasn't here when it happened, and it has been hanging since yesterday. My husband and I brought her in and tried to rinse her off this afternoon and then we sprayed blu-kote on it and then wrapped gauze all around her mid section to try to bring the flap up and protect it from dirt. she is isolated in a box in the garage right now. She seems exceedingly perky considering what she looks like.
    Are we on the right track, or is there something we need to do different. I understand hens can come back for pretty nasty wounds, so we are hoping she will recover. We had another hen that seemed ill at the beginning of the week and so we isolated her and are currently treating the whole flock with Duramycin-10. I believe she was also a victim of the rooster. She has a healing wound as well. He is no longer going to be a problem ;)
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    Hi there & welcome! [​IMG] Glad to hear the rooster will no longer be a problem, they can be very rough in the beginning stages of 'rooster-hood'. You are on the right track with her. Since the skin has been hanging for a while, you may have some issues with necrosis (death) of the skin edges. If that happens, I suggest you take a small, sharp pair of scissors and remove the blackened areas. Check her dressing daily, wash with simple soap and water - you can use antibiotic ointment sparingly on the open area, just make sure it doesn't have any 'cain' in it (lido,xylo etc.) - that's toxic to birds.
    Give her some extra protein to help with healing (mealworms etc.) and make sure she stays warm & hydrated.
    Good luck with her and keep us posted, [​IMG]
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