My rooster was attacked but a hawk we believe

Spoiled chickens

Mar 17, 2018
My rooster won't keep his head up long and now is pooping a little bit of blood. He won't eat but will drink water when I hold it up for him. It's been 3 days now. We have him in the garage where it's warm and he is moving around more but I'm concerned about the blood. I'm not sure what to do.
Were there any visible injuries? Where? If no injuries, what makes you think a hawk attacked your rooster? Where are you located? What predators do you have there?

Where was your rooster when you first noticed he wasn't well? How was he behaving?
We have had 2 hawks flying around and one of my hens were taken. Feathers were everywhere and my rooster was laying with his head down on the ground.
He was fine before this happened. So I know it's from him getting attacked. My husband ran out of the house as soon as he heard the chickens but it was to late.
All evidence points to an attack if these symptoms came on immediately after the squabble.

Need to do a very close and intimate inspection for wounds. Pictures if possible with feathers trimmed back.

Electrolytes in the water would be good and willingness to drink is a good sign. He has hung on for the 3 days so whatever is ailing him will not kill him quick at least.

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