My rooster was killed last Sunday

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    Scooter, my Silver Dorking rooster, was killed last Sunday and I'm heartbroken. [​IMG] We're not sure what got him, stray dog, or maybe a fox, but we don't usually see them in the middle of the day though. This our first loss to a predator since we got chickens five years ago. Our neighbor's son came over and told me they found him in the road down by the stop sign. We assumed he got hit by a car as we have several knot heads that speed up and down in front of our house because they know it makes my husband mad, but he's never wandered down to the road. After investigating a little, we found a trail of feathers in the woods behind the horse paddock and a couple of spots where it seems whatever it was stopped and pulled most of the feathers off his back. We assume it was trying to carry him off and dropped him in the road.
    All the hens are just lost without him. They keep calling for him and are much more reserved than usual. They've not wandered far from the coop either. Even my drake that was raised with him has been out of sorts in the past few days.
    He was such a sweetheart and changed my mind about owning a rooster. He loved to sit in my lap and let me rub his chin between his wattles. Always put him to sleep. As annoying as it was, I even miss his crowing at 4am, 4:30, 5, 5:30..... [​IMG]
    He always had to see what I as doing when I was outside and followed me everywhere. He was better than a dinner bell and showed up at the back door like clock work to scream at us and remind us it was dinner time. [​IMG]
    He was my very first poultry entry at the fair last year and took a 2nd place at 3 months old.

    RIP Scooter: 5/31/09-7/18/10
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    so sorry... your Scooter sounds like a real gem. I'm sorry for your loss; I know you are so heartbroken. [​IMG]
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    Jun 21, 2010
    I'm sorry for your loss too! Roosters can be so very sweet ... yours sounds like a beautiful amazing bird. Very sad!
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    so sorry, he sounded like such a sweet roo [​IMG]

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