My roosters butt looks Terrible!!!!!! :'''( Is he OK?? what is wrong?

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    OK, so i have 18 chickens. 17 hens and one rooster, they are all 15 weeks old and 1 day. Today i brought my rooster outside with me just to hang out and i noticed that ALL his main tail feathers are out [​IMG] And that his butt looked irritated, so he wanted to go in after a little bit and that was that. So then my brother and dad finished putting up the first "layer" of hardware cloth on our run, (that is almost done). and so we lat them all out and some of the girls were actually picking at his butt. And it looked red and irritated. So I told them i was going to come on here after and see what was going on (which i did, obviously). So i went up to the house to fill up the water bucket (cause they needed more water). When i came down my dad said he put Andre (my rooster) inside because they were picking at it and bugging him. Also they said they looked at it , and there was a little bit of blood on it [​IMG] Im soooo worried, i LOVE HIM TO DEATH, and we r so close ans i just don't want anything to happen to him [​IMG]

    Also lately he has been grabbing some of the hens by the neck and "pulling" their heads down to the ground. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! What is wrong???? what can i do??? Should i quarantine him????

    Thanks so much
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    FIRST you do realize that is what roosters do to hens?
    it is called wanting to mate
    it is chicken mating season

    with that said no do not put him out of the chicken house on that account.

    with the tail feathers pulled out I would say he may be in a molt
    so he allowed the hens to pick the new blood feathers as they itch

    and HE needs some pine tar put on the tail area so the hens quit eATING HIS NEW TAIL FEATHERS IN

    you can get a gallon of pine tar which is runny and black and can be put on with a brush and it will color (black) the area and keep them from picking the feathers
    which will grow in and come thru the pine tar

    or go and buy som BLUECOTE
    it is good as it is very awful to get off you so don't get any on you
    but coat the tail area and the feathers will come thru this also

    with all this said
    here is what to do for the whole flock

    will make the recipe for individual chicken
    then multi[ply the amt for one bird times the amt of all the birds feeding the wet nash probiotic with vit E and Vit B complex

    then the most important part will be the feeding of wet mash probiotic's with vit's

    for one chicken
    3 tbsp of crumble feed
    4 tbsp of milk any kind
    2 tbsp of yoguart

    Now the important part
    1-100 mg of Vit E clip the tip of the capsule and squeeze it in the wet mash
    1-Vit B complex tablet crushed and put in the wet mash

    this will help their gut flora and nervous systems

    do this twice a week till he seem very happy

    I would do this for a week or so then go to once a week for life
    this should help the situation immensly

    please email me so I can help you with any questions

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