my roosters eating sea shell grit


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One of my friend gifted me her extra bag of sea shell grit .
I wash that grit just to drain that sea salt and sand ..I leave to dry in sun in my terrace caught both of my rooster eating that sea shell grit insanely is it okay? Will sea shell beneficial for moderation ? I got that sea shell grit contain small.small sea stones / gravel too ..

My both roosters are crazy for gravel or sand recently they were eating pit sand in our roof god chickens:gig
Oyster shells are soluble grit and used by chickens to supply calcium if it is missing. Small stones are insoluble grit and used by chickens to grind their food. They store it in the gizzard. They need both. Our chickens are free range and whenever I slaughter a rooster the gizzard has nothing but quartz stones. Apparently that is the preferred grit for our flock. If you feed whole grain the need is greater than if you feed pellets or crumbles. I suppose technically if you feed pellets or crumbles you don't need stone grit but I expect the chickens will still eat it as they are pre-programmed for eating stones.
The few roosters I keep in pens I give grit to from time to time or just toss a shovel full of dirt in for them to find their own. The chickens in the yard take care of the grit problem themselves.
We do supply oyster shells, but we also clean and dry egg shells and crush them. The hens far prefer the egg shells.
Sounds like they needed some grit for digesting their food. 3/16 inch average size is good for an adult chicken. 20161105_201833.jpg . I keep Granite Grit in a quart size pail. 20170503_093342.jpg . 5 hens have used about half of a 25# bag over 20 months of their adult lives. GC
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