My roosters hate this hen,why?

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    I have two roosters,well technically one rooster and a cockerel.Zeus who is a New Hampshire red over a year old,and then spots his son (Subordinate roo),who is about 6 months

    I have a hen,I have about 23 other hens.Out of all these hens my Black sexlink who is about 3 1/2 is the most hated.She is very up there ion the order about third to the beginning.My roosters HATE her.Not sure if it's her dominance.When her and Zeus were getting ok,she took advantage of his place (He was new to everything so she took swings on occasion.It's not like he just sat there and got beat up,he did eventually scare her,but he hasn't stopped.He contsnatly chases her away from food and water,acts as if she is another rooster.Why is he still holding this grudge (It's been about 6 months since this hen submitted,yet he still attacks her)?

    As for my cockeral i'm lost.Could it possibly be her MG disease?She shows no weakness accept for her horrifying breathing problems.He treats her just as my rooster does just about ten times worse.He'll grab her and shred feathers,and im sure he would draw blood.Any idea?Maybe she isn't showing submission?
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    Yes, the rooster knows this hen is sub-par and he's trying to eliminate her from the flock. It's what chickens do to the infirm among them.

    If you want to keep this hen, you need to get her away from the aggressive members of the flock or they will eventually kill her.
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    Ditto Dat^^

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