My rooster's legs have flakes or something.

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  1. BrianT

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    May 15, 2010
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    I just saw this on my bantam rooster. I don't pay much attention to him and none of my hens have this. He doesn't seem sick in any other way. He eats and drinks and crows and protects the flock. He is young (maybe 4-5 months old) and weighs around a pound. Can anyone tell me what it is and how I can git rid of it? Thank you.

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  2. BrianT

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    May 15, 2010
    North FL
  3. jjthink

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    There may be a few different things going on there but for starters get some Bagbalm (green square metal can - can order on line if feed store doesn't have) and gently coat his legs and feet with the bagbalm. Do this every day or two till his legs look better. The stuff is amazing. One can will last a good long time and come in handy time and again.
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    Looks like it could be scaly leg mite. You can also use vegetable or mineral oil and coat the legs good with that. I would repeat in a week to ten days. The oil smothers the mites. Check to make sure there are none on the head. You may want to go ahead and oil all the chickens to be sure. Also you may want to dust the area with a little seven dust to kill any stray mites.
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    Sep 12, 2010
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    Ya I think this is scaly leg mite. One of my roos had it also, but I think we ate him anyway so it didn't really matter [​IMG]
  6. ChickensAreSweet

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    Looks like scaly leg mites. You probably should treat the whole flock unless you have 5000 chickens, IMO.

    You can do a search for it on the search bar above.
  7. Yup, scaley leg mites. Treat it with anykind of oil. The idea is to drown them. About every other week until his legs look better. Spray the roost with WD40, same schedule. You can use it on his legs also. Watch the others and treat them at the first sign........Pop
  8. Bonnie Gentry

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    Dec 31, 2010
    Quote:I just posted last night about the same thing, everyone pretty much said to use vaseline 2 x a day until it looks better. Im treating my bantam rooster, his legs are worse looking than your pic, and my bird went lame from it too. I was told these mites can cause their bones to break, cause enemia and death... so add vitimans to your water to help the stressed bird too.... I had no idea these bugs can be so cruel
    heard of folks using oil but I think vaseline isn't as slippery for the poor bird trying to perch, just yucky to put on. hope you have success treating him
  9. gumbii

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    Oct 7, 2010
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    i used scarelet oil that comes in a spray... i've also had great results with tea tree oil... but remember, that they don't heal 100% back to normal...

    also, after the second or third treatment, get a tooth brush and scrub the stuff out from under the scales... it's nasty, but you have to do it... oh, and i treat every 4-7 days depending on the weather... if it's dry out, i do it more often... you can put some tea tree oil on the roost and the odor keeps the mites away... DE also works against mites... do a couple of more searches and good luck...

    keep us posted on your progress...

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