My Rouen and Cayagua ducks


11 Years
Feb 17, 2008
Richlands,NC 28574
I have all of them together.We had been gone for a while and came back and one laid a egg on Monday and one on Tuesday.It has been hot and rainy until today.And now it is getting colder.At nights especially.I was not sure if they were setting on them or not,but you could tell they had moved them around.So today I took them out and candled them and one is definetly fertile.It is alive,but I don`t know what to do.Will they set on them or what should I do.Do u think it will be too cold for them to hatch.Please help!!!,I have some Silkies and they are good setters.
I have 5 Females and 2 Drakes.And I don`t know which is which of the eggs.How often do they set on them,Thanks so much.


the bird is the word
11 Years
Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
I would think they should set them like a chicken would, but don't have any experience with them yet. Mine are either young or new, so no eggs for me yet. The cayugas will set the eggs, the rouens too, but not so much. The cayugas lay an almost black egg in the early part of the season, then it fades to gray near the end. You could leave them and let them hatch the eggs themselves, or set them under the silkie, either way, they should be all right, the mama will keep them warm.

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