My Royal Palm Turkey has a bubble under her eye and a runny nose

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    I got a tri of Royal palm chicks maybe 6-7 months ago. One of the hens died when she was a month old, we think because they were to crampt, and now our other hen has formed a bubble underneath her eye and her nose is running. Her eyes are open and it dosent seem to be affecting her much because she still runs and flaps her wings. She is a heavy healthy bird exept for this problem. Can anybody tell me the name of this disease (if it is) and if theres any way to cure it? Also her and the tom are in with chickens, is it contagious at all? I would really like to show this pair at the county fair this year in August.
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    It is hard to diagnose definitively over the internet - for that you would really need to see a vet. The symptoms you are describing *could* mean your RP has a respiratory infection. What I would try first is some VetRx. This is available at TSC and other farm/feed stores. It is not a medicine but will sometimes help with these type of symptoms. You can put it on the beak, or drop a few drops into her mouth. For a widespread outbreak, you can put it in the water so they all get some. It is camphor based so helps in the way rubbing Vicks Vaporub into a child's chest helps.

    If this doesn't help, you may need to explore antibiotic options but I wouldn't feel comfortable advising you to do that in case the symptoms are caused by something else.

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