My run needs privacy.. metal roofing?

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  1. jenjan8998

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    Mar 6, 2014
    So, we have a run that is attached on one side to our chain link fence that we share with our neighbors. So the fence itself is one side of the run. Our neighbors love the idea of us having chickens.. however, I kind of want some privacy. I have looked into chain link fence slats, but that gets kind of pricey. I was thinking some sort of plant(s), but between chickens loving to dig them up, and me not having any kind of green thumb, Im doubting I could keep anything alive. I do have some metal roofing, if I could hang it up along that side, how could I possibly make it chicken friendly, or even prettier. I love the way it would look, kind of country! But I would also want to pretty it up.

    Any ideas?
  2. eggbert420

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    Feb 15, 2017
    Can you post pictures of the run. It would be nice to see what your working with.

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