My Saint Bernard....Symphony 1 yr old pics

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    Apr 4, 2010
    She turned a year old on the 3rd of Jan. The first 9 pics are from Dec. and Jan.

    She is so nosey these days. You can see her in one of the pics she is looking over a edge. She is standing on the back of the couch to see what I am doing at the sink in the kitchen. No food, I am sure it was just dishes. When we open packages she is right there sniffing in the box, follows us everywhere in the house, can't shut the door and leave her in a room with let say me while I am sleeping and her papa is watching tv she has to be able to go back and fourth, she will cry, bark, whine. She does not want to miss out on anything but we love her very much anyways. It is her personality and shows she loves us.

    She loves me more then her papa but I am the only one who takes pictures I guess. I do love those pictures though...I have another one when she is about half the size in her papas lap too.

    She is such a doll and a love. Very good girl. I am happy with the saint we picked. Time for her hip check to now that she is a year old. I think I am gonna have to go to pullman, washington to get best results, well I want to too. Does the hip test have to be done by a specialist or something?

    Click on the link to see her album and I will put a few up for others to see.




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    I just LOVE her face [​IMG]

    Yes, have someone with knowledge do her hips and read the films.

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