My Serama just laid an egg


Oct 12, 2017
High Desert, S. CA.
I read that unless a hen is broody, she will not hatch her eggs. Well, I've had this hen since only yesterday, and found the egg this afternoon. She pecks at it now and then, but is mostly running around, eating, and scratching the hay A LOT. When one of my 10 week old chicks went too close to the egg, she chased it off. This happened twice. Does this mean she's going to go broody? Do I just assume that,
or remove the egg now? She was with a rooster before I got her, by the way. A Polish no less!
If you remove the egg now, there's less likley of a chance she'll go broody or if she does, it probably won't last as long. If you don't want a broody I'd remove it. There's a possibility because she was with the roo it's fertile which means if she does go full on broody it could hatch but she won't go broody just because she was with the rooster.
Oh and if chickens go full on broody, they first lay a clutch of a few eggs, an odd number, then go broody so she won't just have that one egg. I LOVE frizzles by the way, she's gorgeous!:D
Okay, thank you. I wasn't sure what I should do. I'll see what she's doing tomorrow, and leave the egg alone! And thank you--I was so pleased when I saw her. She's not only pretty, but a complete sweetheart.
No problem! Good luck with her and if you are going to let her hatch, good luck with the eggs! That's awesome that she has a good personality, and looks to match!;):thumbsup
Well, the first egg disappeared, so someone ate it! She had another today, but was chasing the other chickens around and pecking at them. I took the second egg away, hoping that would stop the behavior. The two bantam cochin mixes can get away from her but the Silkie can't, and I worry about that. Can't put them outside until the weather warms up.

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