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    and then some.
    I have three scovies that are big, medium, little. I am pretty positive the big one is a male, and the smallest a female. The middle one has me gender-confused. I have too many drakes already- if my guesses are correct. The big grey duck is the largest duck I own, has angel wing, doesnt quack. I do not know what it is- I think it could be muscovy mix??? Male? It is one of my favorites, as is the middle size muscovy.
    Please give me your guesses on what they are.

    Group shot- is the black duck a Cayuga? She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO loud, I am sure you can all hear her at your houses from here.
    The middle size scovy is on the left, the smaller one is the pied on the right. The largest one is not in this picture:




    The largest scovy (has angel wing too):


    Middle scovy. (oh! This one squeaks when excited):

    being an alligator:

    My mystery grey duck. Came from someone who also gave me the loud mouth. same age. He is huge.

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    Aug 20, 2010
    I don't think I can tell which gender they are but they're cute![​IMG]
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    Beautiful. My male has angel wing too, but has fathered 2 beautiful ducklings. So so cute.
  4. The middle Muscovy looks like a young black barred drake to me. Esp. in the side view pic, 5th one down. It doesn't look like it's flight feathers are all the way in yet and look at that long body line and tail. Yep, at least in that pic, looks like a young drake. Could the big grey duck be a Blue Swedish? Very nice drake, by the way. My Blk Swedish, Daisy girl, looks alot like yours but w/white bib and she is EXTREMELY loud. She could wake up the dead! [​IMG] Maybe yours and mine are cousins. [​IMG]
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    How old are they? I think I do hear your duck--Oh wait that's mine!

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    what color is the 1 in top 2 pics that is mostly white? i like that color better then my chocolate so far
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    Quote:so is my black duck Swedish, you think? Or cayuga? And I think she has woke the dead around here- lots of zombies walking around.

    I figured it was a drake (my middle scovy) but I sure was hoping differently. I have too many males- what will I do? That means I only have ONE female and if the grey monster is male (he makes no sound) then that means I have four males to two females...well, three but the one LOUDMOUTH duck cant stay... oh no! I love my scovies. [​IMG]

    my little scovy is a Pied..supposed to be chocolate pied, but she seems to be too dark to be chocolate..
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    They are so incredibly beautiful!!! I would bet the green winged one is Cayuga ......or at least part. My Darkwing has iridescent green wings but is full Muskovy. The grey looks like my "Flipper" Beautiful Silver color. Muskovies are definitely the duck of choice in a crowded neighborhood :) Very quiet. At least you know where your ducks are :) You know when they are quacking at least :) Listen to the owners who have more expertise .. they know what they are doing. I have really learned a lot . Have fun with them --- they are beautiful!![​IMG]
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    THANKS, Maggie-
    I sure love them, but I love them best when everyone gets along..I will have to see how it goes with all these boys. Maybe I should get a few female scovies to go with these guys and it will be okay..I dont know. [​IMG]

  10. pardygwyn

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    Nov 14, 2009
    Just to cloud the issue further, aren't there blue Cayugas? :3 I would expect more white on a Swede, whereas I've seen lots of little white dots on the necks of non-exhibition-quality Cayugas. There are exceptions in both breeds, of course...

    Editing to add: no such thing as too many female Muscovies. I love them and their little woobly rubber duckie sounds. So in a nutshell, yes. Get more. [​IMG]
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