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    Edited to include the eggtopsy results
    Started with

    12 Barnevelder eggs that were driven 6.5 hours. They rode in an egg box in 3 different cars on a cold snowy day
    15 Delaware eggs shipped via USPS from NC to NH
    4 Cream legbar eggs shipped via USPS from Washington state to NH

    out of :

    12 Barnevelder eggs- (hatched 4/25)
    2-Chicks hatched one hatched with a lot of blood and never got to it's feet and died 12 hrs later

    2 eggs with fully formed chicks but the shells were super hard/membranes thick. yolks not yet absorbed
    2 eggs with nickel sized fetus
    6 eggs nothing

    15 Chickcharney Delaware eggs- (hatched 4/26-27)
    8 chicks (2 of which got stuck with strong hard to puncture membrane but got them out),
    1 dead in shell who unzipped but could not break membrane (this one came before two mentioned above)
    2 quitter/etc eggs
    2 full term dead in shell
    2 clears

    4 Cream Legbar eggs- (hatched 4/26-27)
    2 chicks (both cockerels)
    1 quitter egg
    1 full term dead in shell

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