My sick (I think) Chicken

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    Jul 10, 2011
    So we finally got a few chickens and though we didn't get any of the ones we wanted, the ones we finally got are beyond adorable ^_^

    But a few weeks before we picked up the chickens someoen brought us a big slaughter chicken and told us that we can happily eat her. Being the type of people we are we couldn't bring it over our hearts to even think about slaughtering her (how could you? >_<) and so we adopted her gave her the name Charlotte and now she's one of the family.

    We got our other chickens about a week ago and due to some diffuculties (theybrokeoutoftheboxes) we couldn't keep them seperate for a few days before gradually introducing them to Charlotte and vice versa.

    That was about a week ago as I said and today ago when I went out I saw that Charlotte was drinking water and when she pecked up some food a huge ammount of liquid dribbled out of her mouth. At first I thought it was just some excess water she didn't swallow down, but then it happened again a moment later and this time she hadn't had water before hand. I kept an eye on her for the day and noticed she was having trouble breathing (Her mouth stayed open) and when I got closer it sounded like she was panting terribly.

    I checked the crop (I am not a chicken expert) but it feels a little empty and when I opened her mouth to check if she perhaps had a blockage, there was nothing and her breath smelled fine.

    If anyone perhaps can tell me what it might be, that would be great. She's still eating and is drinking quite a lot recently. She's active, there's no discharge from the eyes or nose and I can't see anything wrong with the wattle (or rather anything out of the ordinary)

    Thanks in advance and I hope someone can help me [​IMG]
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    If shes a cornish they dont survive very long because of their genetics. They were developed to grow quickly and gain weight fast. Their little hearts and bodies just dont last very long.

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